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General History: S1-S3

The First to Third Year History course covers the themes of nation, technology and people. 

The links below will help you understand the historical topics studied in class - and give you a wider understanding of history.

First Year [Websites]

Skara Brae Gallery
Archived BBC site with photographs of Skara Brae

Pictish Stones of Scotland 
Digitised 3D models of Pictish stones

First Year [Videos]

Skara Brae: Neolithic Origins
A tour round the Stone Age village of Skara Brae [17 min]

Iron Age Brochs of Scotland
Drone footage and photographs of Brochs across Scotland [29 min] 

Second Year [Websites]

Industrial Revolution Facts for Kids
Detailed information and pictures on the Industrial Revolution

World War 1 Facts
Detailed description of events during the First World War.

Second Year [Videos]

History File: The Approach of War
BBC documentary on the start of the First World War [19 min] 

History File: Stalemate
BBC documentary on the first years of the First World War [16 min]

History File: The Homefront
BBC documentary on the Homefront during the First World War [23 min]

History File: Living and Dying
BBC documentary on life in the trenches during the First World War (19 min]

History File: Making the Peace
BBC documentary on the end of the First World War [19 min]

Third Year [Websites]

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Wide-ranging website about the Holocaust

Anne Frank House
Museum website about Anne Frank and her family's life

Third Year [Websites]

Auschwitz Drone Footage
Aerial footage of Auschwitz as it is today [3 min] 

History File: The Master Race
BBC documentary on Nazi anti-Semitism and the Holocaust [24 min]

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