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Higher History

The Higher History course covers three modern history topics:

 • Scottish History: Migration and Empire 1830-1939
 • British History: Britain 1851-1951
 • World History: Germany 1915-1939

More information can be found at the SQA Website.

Germany 1815-1939 [Websites]

BBC Bitesize: Germany 1815 - 1939
Revision site for Higher History

Germany 1815 - 1939
Revision websaite created by Mr Marr

Germany 1815-1939 [Videos]

Political Borders of Germany
Short video showing geographical changes between 1789 and 2005 [3 min]

Bismarck and the German Empire
Documentary on German Unification [43 min]

Britain 1851-1951 [Websites]

BBC Bitesize: Britain 1851 - 1951
Revision site for Higher History

Britain's Road to Democracy
Article covering the growth of democracy

Britain 1851-1951 [Videos]

The Liberal Reforms 1906 - 1912
Sketchnote revision on the different reforms [7 min] 

BBC Documentary of the Suffragete campaign [29 min]

Migration and Empire 1830-1939 [Websites]

BBC Bitesize: Migration and Empire 1830 - 1939
Revision site for Higher History

Migration and Empire 1830 - 1939
Revision website created by Mr Marr

Migration and Empire 1830-1939 [Videos]

Migration and Empire
Youtube playlist of various revision videos

The Highland Clearances
Footage of cleared Highland settlements [6 min]

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